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Our Aim

Sakrit is solving the challenges faced by companies and organisations due to the unavailability of quality online support and knowledge. We are not only providing technical assistance and consultations to Companies and Startups but we have also been launching Digital products and services.

Our services



We have developed and delivered various B2B and B2C tech products solving the problems of many sectors.



We provide tech consultations  to a variety of sectors. We have customised digital marketing and management solutions for various sectors.

We are committed to solve the problems through our products. For instance, The facilities delivered by Kaithal Online include access to Local News, Entertainment, Jobs, Directory, Live Events, Political content, Educational content, online TV, online Radio etc. We are focused to deliver all of these services on a single mobile application. Also, Edutiate aims to bring much needed technological advancements to the orthodox education system

The vision of the company is inspired by the concept of Digitalisation. Now a days a lot of Indians have got access to Mobile phones and Internet. So, it is the high time to maximize the potential of Internet by providing the consumer with the best services at their door steps.

We promise to make things easier for the customer and to provide an equal opportunities to the local businesses as large companies at affordable prices, so that they can comfortably connect to a muchlarger consumer base.


Our Leadership

Akriti Agarwal

Co-Founder and CEO

“Success is about bringing success to others.”

Sahil Gupta

Co-Founder and MD

“Work for love creates love for work.”

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